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File is locked

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Post 10 Jun 2012 10:59

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Here's my bug report 8-)

When I start my computer, I start Load! to resume my downloads. My first download in the queue always report a "file locked" error, and Load! goes on to the next file in the queue. This always happens with the first file in the queue, no matter if it's a tune or a video, an archive, etc...

What I found out is that, as I set Load! to save my files on my NAS, it tries to save the file to the NAS HDD, but the HDD is idle when attempting to do so. It takes maybe 5 seconds for the NAS HDD to start spinning, and in the meantime, the HDD content is inaccessible. Load! may think the file is locked, and instead of waiting for the HDD content to be accessible, it goes on to the next file in the queue. Then, by the 30 sec countdown of the hosting service, Load! tries to save on the HDD that is already spinning, and it works.

1. What does the log say?

The log doesn't have the information right now, maybe because I restarted my computer.

2. Which operating system are you using?


3. Do you run an AntiVirus program and/or a Firewall? If yes, which one(s)?

Avira Antivirus ; Windows Firewall

4. Did you install the latest Load! updates?

Yes, currently 0.7.2

5. Does the problem still appear even after you have re-downloaded ("reinstalled") Load?


6. Did the problem appear recently or at all time?

Recently but I had a different configuration before and I was saving my files locally.

7. Which hoster are you downloading from? Just free usage or do you have a premium account?

Rapidshare, free access, but the problem doesn't seem related to a specific host.

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