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Rapidgator link problems

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Post 31 Dec 2015 00:26

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I'm having trouble with rapidgator links, I copy them into my clipboard and then CandiSoft gives me this error pop up

"Socket Error # 10060
Connection timed out."

1. What does the log say?
31/12/2015 9:03:56 AM - CandiSoft - Load! 0.7.5 was started.
31/12/2015 9:05:02 AM - Error while adding link!
Socket Error # 10060
Connection timed out.

2. Which operating system are you using? Windows 10
3. Do you run an AntiVirus program and/or a Firewall? If yes, which one(s)? None
4. Did you install the latest Load! updates? Yes, it should be up to date
5. Does the problem still appear even after you have re-downloaded ("reinstalled") Load? Yes
6. Did the problem appear recently or at all time? Recently
7. Which hoster are you downloading from? Just free usage or do you have a premium account? Use premium account
8. Please provide test links! Without them, we can't do anything for you. Any rapidgator link but if you need a specific one, pm me.

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