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Merge packet name parsing and \

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i have the last verion on win 7 64.

There is a bug when you are parsing the name of a merged packet and updating the path field :D

To reproduce the bug :

Add some files and merge them in one packet (in the link collector window).

The packet options window appears and you can name the packet, choose the path...

If i set the name "MergedPacket\folder" then the path become : d:\files\MergedPacket\MergedPacket\MergedPacket\MergedPacket\MergedPacket\MergedPacket\folder\

Thank you for this great soft !

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I reproduced the bug. One file is enough, no need for multiple or merge, since it doesn't matter for the path information.

This behavior seems to happen with "slash" only. After adding 1 slash to the name line LOAD will always add one more of the files name with every letter added.
In your example: "Folder" got 6 letters, so 6 times the "MergedPacket\" was added.

Load removes the slash characters from the name, but it keeps them in the path after adding it to the list.

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