Load! 0.7.5 released!

Dearest user,

we finally reached the next step: Load! just got a new update to 0.7.5!

Please give us feedback about any problems/questions/ideas you might have with the new version.
We will always have time for your thoughts in our forums. Visit us!

Here are all news/changes/fixes in an overview:

CandiSoft - Load! 0.7.5

[+] New download management feature:
- -> Control free and premium downloads separately
[+] Accounts can be edited now.
[+] Added date column in Completed tab.
[+] Added option to automatically add entered passwords to the password list.
[+] Data.llf auto-backup function.
[+] Files can be renamed and groups can be sorted now.

[*] Minor GUI changes.
[*] Removed captcha window countdown.
[*] Completed downloads are now moved to the top of the Completed tab.

[x] Fixed HTTP proxy authorization.
[x] Fixed GUI freeze when a captcha popped up during drag & drop/while context menu was opened.
[x] Fixed access violation when quickly starting/stopping the same download.
[x] Fixed some scaling bugs when using high DPI settings.
[x] Other minor bug fixes.