WANTED: Load! Plugin-Developer

Dear Load!-Users and visitors,

we are urgently searching for new staff for Plug-in-development and Plug-in-updates. We are supporting more and more share-hosters with new plug-ins, which all continuously need updates and fixes. Since we currently just have two developers it is really hard to keep the plug-ins up-to-date. Esspecially we are not able to update them really fast, what is a huge disadvantage for us and for Load! and it's users. Are you ready to support a very nice spare-time project in order to fight against the jDownloader? Then send a mail to: info[at]candisoft.com

The only requirement is knowledge about a programming language which is able to create native Windows-DLL's such as C/C++ or Delphi and of course a good knowledge about our software and the share-hosters.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Your CandiSoft-Team