Quickbar in Load! 0.7.1

Without the new quick bar:

With the new quick bar:

Also we now support many new file hosters in premium mode. We also improved the core code for a better performance. Release very soon!


Load! 0.7 released!


[+] Extracting in Thread
[+] Faster downloadstart
[+] Reconnect Button
[+] HTML Unicode parsing
[+] New hoster column in DL List [optional]
[+] Path length check
[+] Logfile is updated live
[+] Package DL start & stop available [right click]
[+] Hostfilter in CandiSoft Plugin System improved
[+] Updatesystem improved
[+] Chinese language
[+] Bug fixes


New Updater - last time!

Since we've been kicked from the old redirector, there is a new Update.exe needed.
In the new version of the Updater, there is a "triple protection" integrated to avoid this in future.

We're very sorry for any inconveniences!

Replace the old Update.exe (Load! main folder) with the new updater and update Load! with the new updater.

Download it here: ~ old link removed ~