Load! 0.7.5 released!

Dearest user,

we finally reached the next step: Load! just got a new update to 0.7.5!

Please give us feedback about any problems/questions/ideas you might have with the new version.
We will always have time for your thoughts in our forums. Visit us!

Here are all news/changes/fixes in an overview:

CandiSoft - Load! 0.7.5

[+] New download management feature:
- -> Control free and premium downloads separately
[+] Accounts can be edited now.
[+] Added date column in Completed tab.
[+] Added option to automatically add entered passwords to the password list.
[+] Data.llf auto-backup function.
[+] Files can be renamed and groups can be sorted now.

[*] Minor GUI changes.
[*] Removed captcha window countdown.
[*] Completed downloads are now moved to the top of the Completed tab.

[x] Fixed HTTP proxy authorization.
[x] Fixed GUI freeze when a captcha popped up during drag & drop/while context menu was opened.
[x] Fixed access violation when quickly starting/stopping the same download.
[x] Fixed some scaling bugs when using high DPI settings.
[x] Other minor bug fixes.


The CandiSoft team needs your help!

Dear visitors and Load! fans,

CandiSoft needs your help! As most of you know, our team only consists of only three young people where only two of them are developers. That means we are unable to develop many things in a short amount of time just like how we and our users want it. Due to this we start again a promotion campaign. Your help will be rewarded!

Just like the last campaign we still look for more translations for Load! If you speak a language which is not yet supported by Load! and would like to earn a 30-day premium account from a multi-host-service, please let us know! The amount of text is not really large and should be translated within an hour. It is only the text visible in Load!

But much more important for us are plugin developers! All people who develope a new and functional plugin receive a 180-day premium account from a multi-host-service for free! It does not matter whether it is a plugin for a (multi)one-click-host or a linkcrypt service. Of course we will answer questions about our plugin system and help you out!

Please send all questions/offers via mail to vash[at]candisoft.com.

We hope for many e-mails!

Best regards
- CandiSoft Support -

After your work, you can choose between following services for your free premium account:



Dear Load! users, dear visitors,

I'm sure you have noticed that our website was offline for about two weeks now. Unfortunately there was an hardware issue on the web server. Of all things at the time, where we were moving the server to the new provider. Additionally we also had a problem with the backup system. Short: just everything went wrong with our website during the past weeks. Unfortunately the last backup is from August 2013 - we lost alot of contents esspecially in our forum. We're very sorry for this! Though I'm sure we can keep up again. :-)

The change to the new provider is now completed and the (new) server is running again without any issues. We've improved the backup system to avoid this kind of problems in the future.

Some little info aside: the update server for Load! was never affected by this issue!

Best wishes

- CandiSoft Server Admin -